Fear of Recurrence In Cancer Survivors

05 Aug, 2020

Every cancer survivor knows how unkind recurrence scares can be. The best status we ever get from our doctors is “no evidence of disease”, but this doesn't mean that no disease is present, it simply means that none can be detected. Nothing has been more terrifying than the fears of recurrence, and every strange pain or irregularity in our bodies brings these fears to life.

Cancer casts a permanent dark cloud over our heads in that because we've had cancer once, we're statistically far more likely to have it again. If you ever experience this fear of recurrence, keep this piece of advice in mind.

  1. Accept that you have no control.
  2. Recognise your emotions, do not worry alone.
  3. Realize that you are more than your body.
  4. Don’t ignore your fears, reduce stress.
  5. Never stop living and enjoying life.
  6. Have faith, make healthy choices, and be well informed.
  7. Talk with your health care team about follow-up care.


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