Five things Cancer Survivors Wish You Knew about Anxiety

05 Aug, 2020

Cancer is an extremely stressful time in the lives of everyone affected by it - not only the person in the hot seat but also their entire support network. Stress seems to go away after the cancer is gone, the side effects can linger around and fester into anxiety. Anxiety can have on anyone's life - especially for those affected by cancer.

  1. It is so, so hard to explain. Sometimes they don't even know what makes them anxious

  2. Anxiety can impact every single part of their day. It’s like having a panic attack, time stops and they can't breathe.

  3. It can feel like a heart attack or someone squeezing thier chest and not letting go.

  4. Anxiety is a mental illness, but it is also very physical. It feels like they are prisoner of their own fear.

  5. Anxiety doesn't always look the same on everyone. So, please don't tell them to "Take a chill pill" or "Get over it." However, having anxiety does not make them weak.


So please, sit with them and tell them it's okay. Tell them they are not weak. Tell them they not crazy. Make them believe it. Help them break down all fears into actionable steps and let them take those steps at their own pace. Ask them what else they want you to know about anxiety; it will help them just to know that you want to understand. You are NOT alone - not in cancer, not in anxiety, not in anything.


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