How to support cancer patient

05 Aug, 2020

Advice and inspirations


Treatment, doctor’s appointments and physical symptoms make it difficult to keep up with day-to-day life. Make sure your loved one knows that everything will be taken care of. Their focus should be on healing, not worrying.


A Mental Health Reminder 

A relapse, a sudden series of attacks from a string of awful days (or whatever your setback maybe), does not decrease your value.

Take your time, do some selfcare, even if it’s just being proud that you got through another day. Reflect on the progress you have made.

You are strong: One step back is nothing when you look at the journey you have already made.


Affirmations for anxious days


  • What I am experiencing is only temporary
  • This too shall pass and I can stand this
  • Feelings are just visitors and I let them go
  • I grow stronger each time I overcome anxiety


Tips for bad, gloomy days


Read this sentence once a day: “It won’t always be like this.” This one of the most important items on the list. Depression lies, it tells you that you’ve always felt this way and you always will. But you haven’t and you won’t. You will get back to a place where you know you are more than your depression.

Avoid spending long periods of time alone even though you feel the need to isolate. Communicate with your loved ones. Back away from stressful situations and cancel non urgent commitments



Talking to someone with cancer


Don't ignore them or belittle their experience. Just allow them to be who they are. Refrain from comments about how those with cancer look, particularly if it's negative. Don't preach to them or be intrusive. Show them you care.


Encourage them through stories

Offer encouragement through success stories of long-term cancer survivors. Avoid saying, “They had the same thing as you.” No two cancers are the same. And never tell stories with unhappy endings. If you know someone with the same type of cancer, offer to connect the two of them.


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