Psycho Social Health Needs During Cancer Journey at the time of diagnosis

23 Jul, 2020

1. Anxiety: Anxiety may be described as feeling nervous, on edge, or worries. It is normal emotion that alerts individual body to respond to a threat...

Psycho Social Health Needs During Cancer Journey During Treatment of Cancer

23 Jul, 2020

During Treatment of Cancer: 1. Fear of Death: Some fear about cancer are based on stories, rumours, or wrong information. Fear of death always remai...

Post Treatment Psychological Concern

23 Jul, 2020

Post Treatment Psychological Concern: Fear of Recurrence or Progression: After treatment many times it’s happens patients do experience fe...

Tips for Cancer fighters Coping with Anxiety and Distress during this COVID19 Pandemic

06 Aug, 2020

Fear and anxiety keep us safe from harm. How do we harness the positive features of fear and anxiety without becoming trapped by their risks? Feeling...


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