Conveying Your Friends You Still Need Them even after battling cancer

05 Aug, 2020

Cancer doesn't end when treatment does. Neither should the support you receive from friends and family. Many times everyone around you will move on and even forget that you ever had cancer, while your are still left with bad memories of the past and fears for the future.

As survivors, cancer is a big part of our lives and it's impossible for us to forget, especially when we are reminded by news stories, fundraising events, annual scans and check-ups, and so on.

Well, the reality is, people probably haven't forgotten at all - they were there for us at the time. Maybe they just think about it less now that we are better, because they don't see cancer as an immediate threat anymore, and maybe they don't want to. If we are healthy, why would they talk about our cancer now? If we aren't talking about it, they aren't likely to bring up the subject either.

So I guess that means if cancer survivors want to talk about survivorship, it's up to us to start the conversation.



  1. Don't be defensive, approach the subject directly.

  2. Choose the right person to talk to.

  3. Set aside special time to talk. Talk to other cancer survivors.

  4. Explain that this is important and/or difficult for you.

  5. Show your friend this blog or write down your own thoughts.


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